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Struggling with slow internet connectivity?

11 reasons why your internet is so slow.

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The reason you’re reading this is more than likely because you’re asking yourself one of the following questions…

Why is my internet so slow? How do I fix my slow Wi-Fi? Or, what are the reasons for my slow internet?

Rather than waste your time with a flashy introduction about increasing internet speeds and the different types of connection available, we’ll get straight into it. Here are 11 reasons why your internet connection might not be as strong as it could, or should be.

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Bandwidth speeds

It goes without saying, if you have slow bandwidth speeds, then your connection isn’t going to be very quick. For home internet you should be looking for connection speeds of between 10-20mbps and for business, well it depends on the size of the business. Ideally we’d recommend a minimum of 20mbps but you should consider faster speeds if you’re a large business; the larger the business, the higher the speed! 

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Viruses are as huge problem. Right now there are millions of computers across the world infected with a virus; and it’s likely that those viruses are currently on the internet doing something illegal (or at least immoral) using their hosts’ limited bandwidth.

There are some trains of thought that will lead you to believe anti-virus software slows down your connection. This isn’t the case. However it is true that anti-virus software can slow down your computer/laptop, meaning you get a slower internet experience.

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Peer to Peer sharing

Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing allows users to access media files such as books, music, movies, and games by using software that searches for other connected computers on which the requested content is present. Examples of such software are LimeWire and BitTorrent. Applications such as these often run in the background and can unknowingly affect your internet speeds. 

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Bandwidth overutilization

Overutilization of Bandwidth essentially means using too much internet. This is often caused by there being too many devices connected to one connection. For instance, let’s say we have a 17mbps connection here in our office (we don’t but let’s pretend we do). If each member of staff has their desktop device connected to that one connection, as well as their mobile phone, the office printer and the Nintendo Wii in the break room, that connection isn’t going to be great. We would be using more internet than the connection can handle. The fewer connected devices, the better your connection will perform. Simple!

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Rogue AP

A rogue access point is an additional wireless access point to a network which has not been authorised by the administrator. In many cases Rogue AP’s are installed by well-meaning people looking to gain easier access with their wireless devices. These access points are rarely secure and sometimes not even password protected meaning they pose a great risk.

In some cases they’re installed by malicious attackers who can then attack your connection without actually having to be inside the building.

Take a look here to find out how to track down a potential Rogue AP on your network.

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Contended connection

One of the most common reasons your internet may be slow is that it’s actually not ‘your’ internet! In many circumstances you’ll find your connection is actually shared between both yourself and your neighbours. The technical term for this is a contended connection.

If you do have a contended connection you’ll notice that your speeds tend to drop during busy periods (also known as peak times). For your internet at home this is often in the evenings whilst everybody is trying to stream TV programmes on their laptops. In businesses on the other hand you’ll find that peak times are just before the end of the working day when daily reports are being uploaded. The best way to eliminate this issue is to get yourself an uncontended connection.

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Router positioning

Although wireless signals are extremely dynamic, placing your router in certain locations could hamper your connection. By putting your router low down in a corner, under a table or in a cupboard you could be hindering its ability to provide a good connection.

Don’t spend an age asking yourself ‘where should I place my router?’ and examining different areas of your house or office; just ensure that you maximise the potential of your internet connection by refraining from hiding your hardware.

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Distance from router

It may sound slightly obvious, but being too far away from your router will cause the connection on your selected device to be poor. A rough guide is that your signal will reach 150 feet indoors and 300 outdoors. Of course this is dependent on your router.

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Wireless interference

Believe it or not, even in this day and age some of our everyday appliances can have a negative effect on your internet connection. Things such as microwaves, cordless phones or even other wireless networks could impact the quality of internet you get. To avoid experiencing poor connectivity try to avoid placing your router next to any electrical devices.

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Messy Comms cabinet and wiring

In an office environment having a messy comms cabinet is just asking for trouble. It may not necessarily cause your internet to slow down, but it has the potential to cut it off altogether. Somewhere amongst all that mess of cabling is your incoming broadband line. One wrong move or tangled cable could cause your whole facility to lose connection.

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You’re using internet explorer

Why, just why? Its 2016 guys; get with it. There are alternative browsers such as Chrome and Firefox out there now, so for browsings sake, take advantage of them!

If you find that none of the above are the reason for your slow internet speeds then please give us a call on 0333 313 5000 and we’ll help you get the speeds you deserve. It could be that the connection you’re using isn’t right for you, in which case, DuoCall can help.

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