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A guide to help your business survive the festive period.

Christmas tips

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The Christmas period is arguabley the best of the year; it gives people a chance to relax and spend some well-deserved time with their family. However, in order to fully take advantage of this break, you need to rest knowing that your business is fully prepped for the upcoming days or weeks.

This takes preparation and planning. It’s critical that each business implements the correct procedures before employees abandon ship and venture home to spend time with their loved ones. Here's just a few tips that may help you prepare your business for the upcomming break.

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Outstanding work

The first thing you need to consider is what work needs completing before you finish for Christmas?  This means you need to carefully plan and prioritise your workload.  It’s no good getting yourself all excited about Christmas before realising that you’ve got some work due before the turn of the year.

It’s always a good idea at the beginning of the month to plan out what needs to be finalised by the end of that month, this is even more important in December as you’ll routinely have one week less than usual to accomplish this.

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Many businesses make the mistake of becomming dormant over Christmas. Even though employees aren't at their desks that doesn't mean your customers and prospects shouldn't hear from you.

There’s a number of scheduling platforms these days that allow you to put content out there without you having to press send there and then. This content could be something as simple as a 'Happy Holidays' tweet, or something more complex such as an email campaign leading up to your New Yaer offer.

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On-cover staff

In order for your business to operate, it’s important that your business has somebody ready to deal with urgent issues over the Christmas period. This doesn’t necessarily mean somebody needs to be sitting their in-front of a laptop whilst trying to tuck into their Christmas turkey. But there should be a member of the team available to respond to urgent enquiries or issues during what would be normal office hours over Christmas.

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Out of Office

Out of office emails, voicemail and call diverts. Setting your out of office emails should be easy enough; you’ll usually be able to find this within the settings of your Outlook, Gmail, or other email platform.

Here’s how to set up out of office emails in Outlook.

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Customer contact

Let your customers know what’s going on within your business. It’s a good idea to send out a blanket email to all customers letting them know your opening times over the holiday period. Keep the email short and sweet.

Make sure if you have any on-cover staff, their details are included in the email; however, make sure that customers know that these people are to be contacted only in emergencies. 

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And finally…

Take down the office decorations:

You don't want to come into the office on January 3 to Christmas decorations; how depressing. It’s a good idea to take these decorations down before everybody goes away to celebrate the holidays with their friends and family. Perhaps utilise the wind down time of the final day before everyone breaks up. (Friday 23rd this year).

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