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Could your Christmas lights be disrupting your Wi-Fi?

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It’s that time of year again where everybody gets a little bit giddy about the idea of being off work for a few days. Subsequently we decide to cover our houses in small sparkly lights. That’s all well and good aesthetically; but could your Christmas lights be impacting the Wi-Fi connection both at home and in the office?

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Do Christmas lights affect Wi-Fi?

I bet you’ve never put up the Christmas tree and thought to yourself, “hmm, these are going to cause connectivity problems”, but oddly they do! Well, they can. The fact of the matter is many electrical devices can have a negative impact on your Wi-Fi connection; that is if they’re directly between your router and your device.

Although the issue seems slightly irrelevant, last year Ofcom estimated that millions of homes would suffer the symptoms of electrical interference over the Christmas period.

That being said, it’s very unlikely that your lights will be causing huge issues with your broadband speed unless you put them directly in-between the router and your device. Hopefully nobody takes Christmas so far that they decide to decorate their router in fairy lights…

Xmas lights slow internet connectivity

Just because your Wi-Fi is slow, it doesn’t necessarily mean that fairy lights are the problem

There are hundreds of reasons why you might have poor Wi-Fi speeds, but blaming these issues on your Christmas lights won’t only be incorrect, but will make you look a bit silly when talking to your internet provider about the issues that you’re experiencing.

Other factors that can slow down the speed of your wireless internet include having multiple routers too close to one another, and even having thick walls between the device and the router. To add to this, Christmas is often a time of year where your household/office acquires a number of new gadgets; most of which connect to the internet. Adding these to your network will almost definitely delay or slow down your Wi-Fi connection.

Although your house may have been updated with superfast broadband, it doesn’t mean that you are able to download UNLIMITED data at a ‘superfast’ speed. As more homes gain faster wireless internet connections, more people are signing up to services such as Netflix and streaming more and more data; ultimately this means that there is more stress on the networks which could cause your Wi-Fi connection to be reduced in speed.

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If you’d like any more information about how your Wi-Fi connection may be affected over the Christmas period then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by calling 0333 313 5000, or emailing

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