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A guest post by NetLZ Consulting.

How to increase the visibility of your content in just 4 easy steps

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Trying to build an audience all while staying relevant in today’s competitive business world is no easy feat. There are so many ways to share information about a business and so many different types of content to choose from; it can be difficult to know where to begin. The good news is that marketing success usually boils down to the approach that is being taken—no matter if its digital, traditional, or a combination of the two. With a simple content marketing strategy, professionals can significantly increase their outreach efforts. Here are few of the top ways in which business professionals can quickly improve the visibility of their content.

Top Tips to Increase Content Visibility

Understand the Core Audience

No business can survive if it does not have a strong following. The first place to begin when trying to build an effective fan base is to first understand who the target audience is. So when considering the audience, be specific. For instance, are they within a certain group or demographic such as stay-at home moms? Are they within a certain industry or a specific geographical location? These are all important questions to keep in mind when creating content that is audience specific. Having a keen understanding of the niche being tailored to helps to narrow down to their unique needs which in turn, helps with how content is promoted. In other words, the visibility of content can be significantly increased when it’s advertised to the right audience.

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Strategic Social Media

Next, consider the importance of a social media presence. Billions of people across the globe use social media daily. Social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google + should share content that covers the full range of products and services the professional has to offer. This means the content that’s shared should be valuable, insightful, and engaging. Also, be sure to interact with fans in fun ways on social media platforms. Fun content such as interactive questions, good humor, visually appealing graphics and even “how-to” material will be sure to delight social media followers, offering maximum exposure for the business. 

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SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Regardless whether the professional offers a product or a service, consistently written blog posts are one of the best ways to promote a brand. A content marketing strategy that includes blogs is an excellent way for professionals to demonstrate their expertise through helpful content. Blogs can explain services and products, they can answer common questions, and they can even walk customers step-by-step through topics they are most interested in. What’s more, blogs that are SEO friendly will be picked up by search engines like Google, as people search for these specific terms online. That’s right, well-thought-out keywords and phrases will help professionals’ websites appear higher in search engine results. This provides even more visibility to the brand. It’s an important point to keep in mind; many content marketing professionals make the common mistake of posting a blog and hoping it will attract website traffic. This could not be any further from the truth as it is vital for blogs to include optimised keyword matches to consistently attract the right customers. 

Top Tips to Increase Content Visibility - 4

Combine Traditional & Digital Advertising

While television and print ads still hold value in many industries, professionals will require a heavy digital presence to make the most impact on prospective customers who make purchasing decisions based upon online content. Ads on social media platforms, streaming services, and other technological advances have increased the need for professionals to maintain an online presence. As internet connectivity has expanded across the globe, savvy professionals understand that in order to improve their reach, they must not only consider traditional advertising outlets, such as word of mouth, brochures, and flyers, but digital ones as well.

For business professionals who want to increase the visibility of their content, there are various online approaches that should be taken. From blog posts to social media posts to other forms of digital content that speak to the core audience, taking a proactive approach when it comes to content marketing can boost the company’s brand and make a significant impact on the business’s bottom line. 

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