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Can you afford to shut up shop due to bad weather?

Protect your business this winter

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It’s everybody’s favourite time of year again as we all get a chance to relax and enjoy the festive period. But as our holiday edges closer, we need to ensure our businesses are safe and ready. But safe and ready for what?

Although Christmas is typically a time to enjoy and chill-out, it does come with its drawbacks, mainly with the weather. Bad weather can have a detrimental effect on businesses of any size so it’s essential you have a strategy planned out for when it hits.

Although one of the most common issue businesses face when it comes to bad weather is the lack of staff being able to get into the office, many face much more serious problems with their phone lines and broadband. Even if all of your staff do manage to get to work, they wouldn’t be much use if your internet/phones are down! 

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So how can your business withstand the harsh winter?

First thing’s first, have a bad weather policy

Like I said, one of the biggest issues you’re likely to face is the lack of staff being able to venture into the office. This is less than ideal, but if your business is at risk of being understaffed it’s much more productive to have a structured policy than to shut up shop; after all, no business = no profit.

Your policy could simply outline when it’s acceptable for your employees to work from home or give them an in depth explanation of what’s expected from them when they work at home. For most people working from home comes with distractions, so detailing accurate targets for them to meet will help boost efficiency and productivity.

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Give your staff access to resources and hardware

The biggest problem we all face when working from home is the lack of hardware and resources. Having access to a desk phone, CRM and shared drives are just some of the things that we use every single day in the office. That’s why making sure your staff has the ability to work as similarly as possible to how they would in the workplace is a must.

To ensure this, you could give your employees business devices such as mobiles and tablets so that they have quick and easy access to your database of files and contacts. You should also implement collaborative tools such as Circuit by Unify (WebRTC) so that your staff can work together on projects etc. whilst being in different locations.

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Protect your IT and telecoms infrastructure

Fallen trees? Flooding? Downed power lines? All of these incidents peak during winter and all of them could harm your infrastructure. As power spikes have the ability to corrupt your data and cause your phone system to malfunction, power surges could damage important electrical components. Even blackouts can cause you to lose the contents of your entire hard drive! That’s why it can be difficult to rest assured that your business will be safe in the poor conditions. Fortunately there’s a solution.

What if you could protect your equipment with an uninterrupted power supply (UPS)? Simply plug one into the phone system or server of your choice and relax knowing that in the instance your power goes down you won’t lose important data and compromise the integrity of your hardware.

Protect your business this winter with UPS

Want to learn more about protecting your business’ power supply with a UPS this winter? Simply follow this link. Alternatively, drop us an email at or give us a call on 0333 313 5000.

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