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UC is taking over whether we like it or not!

Unified Communications: An expert round-up

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What are Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (UC) is the overall integration of communication tools that allow people to exchange information and ideas. The purpose of Unified Communications within business is to enable people to carry out tasks more effectively and efficiently.

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Examples of Unified Communications

Unified Communications facilitates the integration of communication tools such as IP telephony, instant messaging and presence technology. On their own each of these technologies can play a huge role in a business; however, when used in conjunction with one another they are far more powerful.

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What are the experts saying about Unified Communications?

Perry Nalevka – CEO at Penguin Strategies

“I’ve been involved in communications for 10 years and I’ve seen a lot of changes. When the mobile revolution started, unified communications was a fancy way of saying call forwarding but as technology has progressed and smart phones have become common place, there are now a lot of other ways to communicate. As we are now communicating on so many different channels the problem we are facing is seeing all the communications in one place. On one hand we have the service providers providing the connectivity and over the top services, and on the other we have innovative start-ups such as Slack offering communication solutions. Moving forward the biggest challenge is unifying the communications and getting your internal team to communicate on the same channel, and the second biggest challenge is adapting to how your customers are communicating.”

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Samuel Pavin  – Advisor and Strategist at Samuel Pavin Group

“As an individual, I like to have everything in one place. As such, apps like WeChat, offering so many features in one tool, are my go-to. Unified communications brings it to the business world. Integrating all channels in one place helps, not only, with structuring the communication but also productivity – and ultimately a better experience. Be it for external or even internal customers. I think the rise of messaging apps (WhatsApp and all) has helped people grasp the concept of unified communication where written and spoken messages mix together. With the likes of Slack and livechats entering companies and seeing massive adoption by startups, the idea of unified communication has been able to grow and be more easily and widely understood. As for the next steps, we are currently seeing a phase of buyouts and consolidation which is going in that direction. With all the channels available nowadays, it is crucial to build a hub in order to capture all interactions, be able to structure all data and, ultimately serve all stakeholders more efficiently.”

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Jaymie A. Cutaia – Founder & CEO Jaymie Scotto and Associates

“Unified Communications is not just about integrating enterprise communications services like chat, voice, mobile, web and video, but about enhancing the way team members, students and customers are able to leverage today’s technology advancements to provide better, streamlined collaboration and productivity. It’s about advancing the way we learn, build and grow together.”

Overall the presence and importance of Unified Communications is growing in the UK. The world we live in is becoming more and more connected each day and UC is playing a bit part in this.

We no longer need 5, 6 or 7 different applications in order to connect and communicate with our colleagues. All of the functionality we need can now be offered on one easy-to-use platform, on one of our devices; be it mobile, tablet or desktop.

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Our Unified Communications (UC) infographic

Check out our UC infographic for a visual explanation of Unified Communications.

Unified communications infographic (JPG, 2.68 MB)

Our infographic explanation of unified communications technologies

Quotes taken from Onalytica.

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