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What are the advantages of business mobiles?

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Business technology isn’t restricted to the 9 till 5 office way of working anymore; with remote workers on the rise there’s no denying mobiles play a huge role when it comes to communication. They’re no longer a gimmick in the workplace, they’re a necessity.

Let’s travel back in time a few year’s… A decade ago business mobiles were just starting to make an appearance and even then you could only make a phone calls. The truth is technology has advanced a long way in such a short amount of time; we now have quick access to the internet in just a couple of taps. But how has this progress helped improve efficiency and productivity in business?

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Remote working/anytime working

Modern day business is a polar-opposite of how we used to work. Where we once gathered together under the same roof to optimise work efficiency, we now collaborate remotely.

By giving your employees the opportunity to work from home it’s likely that you’ll see an improvement in productivity. Although you might expect the opposite it’s proven that staff are more motivated in the comfort of their own homes. This might be because they don’t have to commute to and from work.

Remote working also allows you to spread your expertise nationally (or even internationally). By dispersing your staff you’ll find that you aren’t limited to one specific area. This is especially beneficial to businesses that have engineers or other staff that visit customer sites; having a wide coverage allows you to enhance response times.

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Call handoff

Depending on your phone system your mobiles can play a crucial role in maximising the potential of your telephony. If you make and receive a lot of phone calls then call handoff functionalities will work wonders for you. Call handoff is a feature that allows you to pass a conversation between a desk phone and a mobile phone seamlessly. So if you are in a rush and need to leave the office (to be in time for your next meeting) you can traverse the conversation over to your mobile at the touch of a button.

Call handoff also works the other way round. If you’ve just arrived back at your office you can pass the conversation from your mobile to your desk phone. This will allow you to keep a conversation rolling without having to ring off and ring back on again.

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Email on the move

Business mobiles offer you the opportunity to keep on top of your work wherever you are. Being able to view, send and receive work emails at any time ensures maximum productivity from your staff. In the modern day of working there’s no point restricting staff to their desk phones and PCs; business mobiles provide your teams with the flexibility to work on the move or whilst they’re away from their desk.

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Mobile applications

Mobiles aren’t like they once were. In the past mobile phones were only used for phone calls and the occasional SMS message; nowadays they can do much more. Since the release of the smartphone, businesses have been able to benefit more due to mobile applications. If you have remote workers or engineers, apps can help minimise wasted time.

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a fantastic way to implement business mobiles within your company. This platform allows you to have full control over your employees’ devices. Gain access to all the information you could possibly need from your mobile estate and monitor/manage it accordingly. MDM ensures the protection of your sensitive data; if a member of staff loses their devices, you can remotely wipe all the confidential information from it.

For more information about MDM visit our Mobile Device Management page here >>

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