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A guide to getting the most out of your hotel Wi-Fi.

Why is it so important for hotels to have reliable internet connectivity in 2017?

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How many times have you kicked back at a hotel only to find the Wi-Fi is barely trickling through; or worse still… limited to the lobby? So why is your hotel the same? Poor Wi-Fi can be one of the most frustrating things we come across on a day-to-day basis, and more often than not it has a huge impact on our customers’ satisfaction.

The truth is, poor connectivity doesn’t just impact guests, it impacts the hotel itself. Ask yourself, can your hotel truly afford to operate without internet connectivity even just for one day? How much would it cost you? That’s why having reliable Wi-Fi isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity in your hotel.

Is it really that crucial to cater for our customers’ obsession with connecting to the internet 24/7? Yes, it is. Maybe it’s because we live in the modern age of technology where everything we seem to do revolves around the internet, but the truth is it’s not that hard to ensure your connectivity solution is up to scratch (and therefore keep your customers smiling). That’s why we’re here to help all hotel owners understand the benefits of having a top-notch Wi-Fi solution.

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Reliable hotel connectivity = happy guests!

Nowadays hotel guests don’t just arrive with one smartphone to do their online browsing; they bring a plethora of laptops and tablets in order to enhance the online experience whilst they’re away from home. This can cause huge problems for you and your guests. With hundreds of devices trying to connect to your hotel Wi-Fi network at the same time you could be risking reduced internet speeds. The increasing demand and expectations for faster and stable internet connectivity doesn’t help, meaning our guests’ satisfaction can be greatly reduced by any kind of internet trouble.

According to a commissioned study by NETGEAR,

“As many as 73% of guests under the age of 35 would never return to a hotel with poor Wi-Fi. Conversely, guests who are happy with the Wi-Fi will spend 50% more money at the hotel than average.”

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Can your hotel afford to operate without internet due to unscheduled downtime?

Unscheduled downtime is guaranteed to have an effect on the way your hotel operates as well as costing you money. If you can’t receive and process online bookings you’re likely to miss out on a lot of potential profit. As the online community grows more of your bookings are made online; one simple outage could be hugely financially damaging. On top of lost revenue we still have to pay our staff’s wages even though they can’t operate due to the lack of internet; accruing even more loss.

Another issue that an unreliable internet connection can cause is the impact on your customers. At the end of the day you’re not the only ones affected by the lack of Wi-Fi, your customers are too. As we have already established, 73% of people aged 35 and younger wouldn’t return to a hotel with poor Wi-Fi. And as a hotel owner, you probably understand that many of your bookings are made by repeat customers. So think about this, if almost three quarters of your customers are unlikely to return due to your poor hotel Wi-Fi, it’s likely that your budget solution is costing you more than it’s saving you…

Increase customer satisfaction with the best hotel Wi-Fi possible

When it comes to business internet, we work with some of the leading hotels in the UK. Here’s how we helped The Pig on the Beach, Dorset (number 6 on the Telegraph Travel's guide to the 50 best hotels in Britain) overcome their connectivity problems.

We helped The Pig on the Beach set up their reliable hotel Wi-Fi connection

Why is reliable hotel Wi-Fi a necessity in 2017?

You might be thinking to yourself, “I already have a steady flow of guests and my current Wi-Fi solution isn’t turning people away”. The truth is that although it isn’t currently a problem, it could be a problem in the not-so-distant future. At the moment your hotel might still be busy, and upgrading your Wi-Fi may be the least of your worries; but more and more websites such as Hotel Wi-Fi Test are becoming increasingly popular online.

These sites allow us to search for (and book) hotels online based on the speed of their Wi-Fi. Though they aren’t currently deterring your customers, these websites are likely to grow in the next few years making the quality of your hotel Wi-Fi a major factor when it comes to choosing your hotel or another.

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Secure and reliable hotel Wi-Fi solutions

Now that you know how an unreliable internet connection can impact your business, it’s time to find a solution to your struggles. Thankfully there’s solution on the market that will help you stay connected.

Leased Lines are the pinnacle of internet connectivity and will provide your business with an uncontended internet connection. This means you won’t experience any ‘peak times’ and you’ll get the bandwidth you were promised. And don’t worry about all of your guests trying to connect at once, our leased line circuits provide greater bandwidth for your business meaning you don’t have to worry about capacity bottlenecks.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a DuoCall Leased Line to implement your hotel Wi-Fi is the SLAs. Because your hotel can’t afford to risk experiencing downtime, all our Leased Lines are supported by our 99.9% uptime SLA thanks to the level of control we have with our own network. And in the unlikely event something does go wrong, you can rest assured that you’ll be back up and running within 4 hours - maximum.

And if you’re still worried that those 4 hours could be financially damaging, upgrade to a Leased Line with ADSL backup. In the unlikely circumstance your Leased Line fails, your broadband will be automatically re-routed over your backup ADSL service.

To find out more about Leased Lines or any of our other business internet connections (including Fibre Broadband, EoFTTC and Ethernet First Mile), get in touch with our team; give us a call on 0333 313 5000 or send an email to We’ll be more than happy to help!

DuoCall supply supercharged internet connectivity across Sheffield and the UK

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