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Jessops Superheroes 2017 Business Tour

We’re going on tour for the second year running! On Thursday 4th May we will be taking to the streets alongside the Sheffield Hospitals Charity in search of South Yorkshire’s superheroes.

After the success of last year’s tour, we’ve joined forces with the event organises of Jessops Superheroes 2017 to help raise awareness and rally the troops for the sponsored walks on 21st May 2017, so keep an eye out; you might just see us at some of Sheffield’s most famous landmarks and locations.

DuoCall have worked closely with the Sheffield Hospitals Charity over the last 4 years and we’re extremely proud to be the official supporters for the event yet again. This will be the fourth annual buggy push, sorry… Jessops Superheroes, that we’ve consecutively supported and each year it’s been bigger and better than ever before. All proceeds go towards the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Jessops and will help support South Yorkshire’s tinniest patients as well as their families.

So don’t be afraid to talk to us if you see our super-team on 4th May, it’s all for a great cause!

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So how is the tour going to work?

On the morning of May 4th we will be taking the DCmobile around Sheffield to visit as many local businesses, landmarks and popular locations as superhumanly possible. We will be setting off from DuoCall HQ at 9am and will head to Jessops Hospital to pick up the rest of our team. From there we will be heading towards the local business parks, city centre and other popular locations to recruit you, the true heroes behind the fundraising.

We will be taking pictures of all the businesses we visit and will be posting them across social media to show the world how thankful we are that they’re giving their support. So don’t be shy, last year’s tour was outstanding; let’s smash it this year!

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the success of last year’s business tour…

If your business is interested in meeting some superheroes and showing your support to Jessops’ NICU, let us know and we’ll try our best to pay you a visit. You can let us know via emailing or by giving us a call on 0333 313 5000; we can’t wait to hear from you (after all, not all heroes wear capes).

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Want to know more about Sheffield Hospitals Charity?

Patients in all of the Sheffield Teaching Hospital sites are being treated for almost any condition that you can think of. These patients are supported by the Sheffield Hospitals Charity (SHC), an official NHS charity. The SHC invests over £2 million every year in order to enhance the care and treatment of patients that use Sheffield Hospitals. The Charity directs its aid at improving patient care and support, developing the hospital environment, providing the most advanced specialist medical equipment, and by supporting  pioneering research into the cause and prevention of key illnesses.

Just one of the units that the SHC supports is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Jessops Hospital. The NICU supports thousands of families every single year through all stages of pregnancy. This includes conception all the way through to care after birth. With over 8000 babies born at the hospital each year, Jessops helps care for around 800 critically ill and premature babies with the assistance of the Sheffield Hospitals Charity. Constant 24 hour care is required in order to help families get through the stressful period of caring for their newly born child. The number of babies who need the Jessop wing’s specialist support is increasing as more and more children are transferred to the hospital from across the county and the country!

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