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Our employees will never be replaced by robots!

Robots Won’t Threaten Our Jobs Say DuoCall

IT and telecoms company DuoCall is promising customers that its employees will never be replaced by robots.

The company, which prides itself on outstanding customer service, has even integrated the message into its branding and marketing.

The move comes after an academic study from the Oxford Martin Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology at Oxford University put 47% of jobs at risk of automation.

Millions of jobs across the UK are under threat but DuoCall employees and customers can rest assured.

DuoCall director Phil Coley explained: “The researchers looked at 700 of the most common occupations and then ranked how likely they were to be replaced by robots and computers.

“The IT and telecoms industry has become dominated by robots in recent years. Sometime it’s hard to speak to a real person and we’re determined to be different at DuoCall. We believe in personal service and that’s why we don’t have robots answering the phones – just highly skilled customer service professionals.

“Computerisation has led to the automation of many manual jobs since the 1970s but technological change is now accelerating at lightning speed. Robots are able to carry out cognitive processes which puts almost half of all jobs at risk.

“We’re seeing creeping automation in customer service with things like pre-recorded FAQ’s and voice recorded responses but not at DuoCall. This research gives us a lot of food for thought however about how we move forward as an industry and how we ensure people remain at the heart of the business.”

DuoCall, which is based in Rotherham and Oxfordshire, works with businesses across the UK providing long-term solutions so customers can embrace smarter ways of working.

Jobs most likely to be done by robots

  • Financial accounts managers (97%)
  • Book keepers, payroll managers and gaming tellers (97%)
  • Timekeeping and procurement clerks (97%)
  • Telephonists, switchboard operators (96%)
  • Word processors, typists, auditing clerks (96%)

Jobs least likely to be done by robots

  • Occupational therapists, surgeons, dentists, etc. (2%)
  • Office managers (1%)
  • Office supervisors (1%)
  •  Customer service managers and supervisors (1%)
  • Clergy (1%)

About DuoCall

DuoCall is an IT and telecommunications company offering high quality landline, mobile, data products and services. DuoCall provides high quality customers service and supplies long-term solutions in order to help customers embrace smarter ways of working and improve efficiency.  The company works across the United Kingdom and is the preferred supplier for the UK motor industry.

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