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Features of the upcoming iPhone have been leaked, and it's not all good.

There's mixed news about the iPhone 6S

iPhone 6S leaked schematics

Like with all upcoming Apple releases and announcements, the details of what's expected have been leaked already. The latest gadget that's rumoured to be announced at Apple's autumn (fall!) conference is the iPhone 6S, the logical upgrade from the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models.

Although leaks can often be regarded as unreliable and inaccurate, most of the predicitions in the last few years have been pretty close to the real thing. Like usual we can expect the new phones to have better displays, faster processors, higher resolution cameras and generally an improved design.


In a complete change to what's normal for Apple though, this time the leaked schematics reveal that the new S models will be thicker than before, with the 6S predicted to be 7.1mm thick (up from 6.9mm). This would usually mean consumers could see an improved battery life, but that's one thing that's been left out from the leaks.

A possible explanation for the increase in size could be the improved screen resolution or the introduction of Apple's Force Touch to the iPhone line-up, which has previously been built in to their MacBooks and the Apple Watch. We'll have to wait for the official announcement to see exactly what's contributing to the increase in thickness.


Another bit of bad news so it seems is that the entry level 6S will still be shipped with 16GB of storage - which wasn't enough for lots of users to upgrade to the new operating system iOS8. Most of Apple's competitors equip their phones with a minimum of 32GB now, enough to download and install the more demanding apps of today, along with all the usual TV shows, movies and music.

As we've come to expect with Apple though, they could be getting around this by changing the game. It's rumoured that iOS9 for example will take considerably less space. It's also predicted that they're introducing a tool to help App developers streamline their creations so they take up less memory and storage.

It could just be that Apple are continuing to follow their opinion that everything should be on the cloud, on iCloud to be precise. Like we've seen with the omission of CD drives from their laptops, forcing users to store their music and videos on the cloud with their phones will enevitably cause controversy. But with only 5GB of free iCloud storage, we imagine many with 16GB iPhones will have to pay for more cloud storage.

The alternative is to buy a 64 or 128 GB option, but we all know how expensive these phones can be!


On the plus side though, it's expected that the new phones will have LTE connectivity and be capable of download speeds up to (theoretically) 300Mbps. Although mobile networks don't currently support speeds like this, one thing you can guarantee with Apple is that they'll create a demand. And when the change does come you'll be ready with an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus - even if this could be years away!

We'll continue to offer all the latest handsets when they're released.

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