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ensuring your IT infrastructure is perfectly managed

Desktop IT support

It has never been more important to ensure that your IT infrastructure is perfectly managed. And it becomes more important as time goes on, due to the rising risks associated with rapidly-developing technology. What’s more, an understanding of the impact on your business, should any outage occur, is essential so that a strategy for managing the recovery and support, as well as availability and performance of your business can be approached. 

This is where DuoCall’s service desk comes in. We provide a scalable IT service desk designed to provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support to our customers. Their processes can easily be streamlined through comprehensive service level management standards and effective controls put in place for their service delivery standards as required.   

DuoCall’s service desk has been developed over a number of years, in line with the support requirements of our customers. Constantly meeting the changing demands of today’s businesses, our service desk is on hand to meet the full range of customers’ service and support requirements, whether that is providing knowledge or supporting IT management, and anything else in between.

Service and support management challenges

Keeping you connected with the network infrastructure is more complex than it has ever been; technology is constantly accelerating, infrastructure is converging, and demands are changing as your business expands. This presents you with shorter timescales to manage service commitments, and possible issues in managing support personnel and governance.  

Optimising service and support

DuoCall’s service desk addresses the challenges of managing your extensive service and support requirements by providing a comprehensive service management solution. Our service desk team are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the calendar, to resolve faults and queries affecting your business.

Incident management

All incidents raised through the DuoCall service desk are instantly recorded by our management system so that they can be monitored and timed for rapid response and resolution.

Key features of incident management:

  • Calls are logged
  • All incidents are routed according to client and type, to the appropriate technical team
  • Full service level times and milestones are recorded
  • Time spend on each action and function are logged
  • Incidents are linked to any known issues, change requests or errors across vendors or technologies
  • Any software installed, hardware specifications and asset information is viewable
  • Automatic checks are made on open calls, users and assets to prevent duplication

Knowledge management

Knowledge-sharing amongst staff is essential to provide them with the resource needed to perform their roles efficiently and effectively. It also enables the customer to be better looked after. DuoCall’s service desk enables knowledge-sharing by distribution of incidents amongst the relevant teams so that the most appropriate technician can resolve the incident, according to the specialist knowledge required.

Raising an incident

DuoCall’s service desk provides the highest level of productivity and incident resolution. Once a call has been recorded with the service desk, engineers have access to: add extra notes to the call to aid further actions on the incident; update a call remotely and mark an incident as resolved. All of these actions take place in a secure customer portal and automatically update the service desk so customers can be sure their incidents are dealt with efficiently and safely.

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