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Backup all of your business' data to the cloud.


Did you know that 70% of businesses who suffer a major data loss are out of business within 18 months?

That's pretty shocking (that they didn't backup their data!). We heavily rely on data and computing today so there's really no excuse not to do it, especially when it's as easy to do as it is with DuoBackUp.

Making backups of files is an essential element of data management and sometimes the one that gets overlooked.

Regular backups protect your business against accidental or malicious data loss and can be used to restore the originals if there is a loss of data. Without something in place, how would your business react to loss of some, or even worse, all of the data you hold?

Benefits of using cloud backup:

Agentless architecture

The software is only required to run on a single device providing a single point of administration across an entire network.

Inbuilt de-duplication and compression

De-duplication and compression takes place before the data leaves the production server, significantly reducing network traffic.


All data is encrypted and decrypted by the client software ensuring encryption both in flight, and at rest. There are three optional encryption standards, DES, AES128-bit and AES256-bit

Real-time monitoring/web portal

The real-time status of backups can be checked by logging into the web portal no matter where you are in the world. A daily email is also sent out each morning notifying the relevant parties of any problematic backup sets.

Incremental forever

Once the initial backup has been uploaded, backups run incrementally forever. This means that only the incremental changes are uploaded daily/hourly or indeed however you would like these to be scheduled. This gives complete control over management of your bandwidth.

Full replication of data

All data is sent to the Primary Data Centre [PDC] in Manchester. All data is then replicated to the Secondary Data Centre [SDC] in London. This ensures that there is significant geographical separation of your data. All data is then kept within the UK and stored at both data centres.

With packages to suit all business sizes we’re sure as a solution, DuoBackUp will provide your business with the piece of mind that your data is always available and secure.

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