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Boost your national and international presence with our inbound numbers.

Inbound numbers

DuoCall’s Inbound Number Platform gives you control over your incoming calls and allows you to manage the nationwide presence of your business.

We offer a variety of inbound numbers and with our service we can help you choose the business phone numbers that best suit your company. With a vast selection of numbers at our finger tips (including international numbers as well as UK), tailoring your telephone number requirements with our inbound number platform can help you reach potential customers anywhere and everywhere!

So what are NGNs (Non-geographic numbers)?

DuoCall’s NGNs are memorable phone numbers that aren’t fixed to a specific location; hence their name! NGNs can be directed to any existing UK landline, mobile, SIP or international number and will ensure that all of your calls are quickly and efficiently answered. There are endless benefits for your business when using our NGNs and with the addition of our portal your business will feel the pros of using DuoCall’s inbound number platform straight away.

Which numbers are you missing?

TypePrefix(es)Description of number


These numbers are free to call from UK landlines and mobiles and are great for increasing your sales enquiries. Gain an advantage over your competitors with a Freephone number.
UK numbers



With no restriction on location (within the UK), we're able to provide you with numbers from John O'Groats to Land’s End! Calls made to 03 numbers are charged at a basic national rate, the same as calls made to standard UK landlines (01/02). The good news is that calls to 03 numbers are often included in bundled minutes or unlimited call packages from mobiles meaning that the public trusts them.
Mobile and Personal Numbers


Personal Numbers differ from standard mobile numbers and calls to them are more expensive. They can be used as 'Follow Me' services where calls are diverted from another number.
International Numbers 00 We're able to provide numbers across the world, benefiting your business with an international presence.
084 and 087 Numbers







Telephone numbers starting with 0845 and 0870 are classed as Non-geographic numbers (NGNs) meaning they aren’t tied to a particular location.

These are great for a business with multiple support sites across a large geographical area or indeed a company with 'no fixed abode'.

NGNs ensure that existing customers can stay in touch on the same number regardless of where the business moves.

Learn more about NGNs below.

Premium Rate Numbers 09 Premium Rate numbers are ideal when they're used in the right way. With 09 numbers you can generate revenue from every minute of every call received. Your business is required to be registered with PhonepayPlus, the regulatory body for premium rate services in the UK.
Directory Enquiries 118 If you're looking to provide a directory enquiries service in the UK you'll need a 118 number.

What are the benefits of using DuoCall’s inbound numbers?

1. Nationwide presence

1. Nationwide presence

Use a memorable phone number and prevent your business from being restricted to a limited area.

2. Business continuity

2. Business continuity

Be seen to be the professional business you are. Continuity is the key to success.

3. Incoming call stats

3. Incoming call stats

View and analyse your own call statistics to improve ROI. Marketing campaigns have never been easier!

1. Create a nationwide presence

Don’t allow your business to be restricted to a limited geographical area - create a nationwide presence that the public trusts!

DuoCall’s inbound number platform will give your business number a prefix that is recognisable across the whole country. This will result in your business being a lot more approachable to customers anywhere in the country. Don’t lose out on business because of your location! Whether it’s an 0800 number or an 0845 number, you’ll no longer be judged on your location but for the services you provide!

Local numbers can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Here's an example of a nationwide business that doesn't use a non-geographic number:

A potential customer (located in London) needs the services of a Sheffield-based business. The company has a local Sheffield 0114 number, which deters the customer from calling because they think it’s too far away to receive the services, even though the business has sub-contractors that are located in the London region. Unfortunately the company has lost a customer down to nothing other than their area code.

By using both an NGN and a local number, nationwide businesses can target prospective customers up and down the country.

DuoCall Business Phones Inbound Numbers and NGNs.

2. Improve business continuity

Enhance the image of your company with consistent phone numbers across your business.

Being consistent is key if you want to gain a customer’s trust; providing memorable numbers will help you achieve the continuity that your business needs!

By using our Inbound Number Platform your business can relocate without any disruption to your phone number, even if it’s to somewhere with a completely different area code! As our NGNs are geographically independent (of any area in the UK), your number stays consistent wherever you are. This prevents expenses involved in changing your advertised numbers on company branded vehicles, stationary and websites etc.

We provide consecutive numbers for your main number as well as your fax number for example.

DuoCall Smart Business Communications

3. Collate and handle incoming call statistics online

Manage your own inbound calls and track your advertising/marketing campaigns!

You can view your own call statistics including the time taken to answer incoming calls, the number of phone calls received and the number of phone calls that were lost. Being able to view these statistics can be very useful (especially for marketing departments using multiple NGNs); ROI can be improved by analysing which campaigns are the most successful and which ones have failed.

This is a great example of the benefits of call whispering (one of the features included with our Inbound Number Platform). A particular marketing campaign could advertise a specific phone number for example, which could still go through to your main number or sales department. When they answer the call they’ll get a short custom automated message (a whisper) before the call is connected, telling them which number the caller rang or which marketing campaign it’s associated with. This is a great way of tracking effectiveness whilst maintaining consistency and reducing costs.

DuoCall Business Communications and Inbound Numbers.

Generate revenue from incoming calls

When you take out specific inbound numbers with DuoCall, you could receive a rebate on inbound calls (For example 09 numbers)! These particular numbers can be used as an additional source of business income and may help in offsetting outbound service costs.

DuoCall's Inbound Number Platform

All of our inbound numbers (NGNs, Freephones, premium-rate numbers etc.) are supplied on our feature-rich Inbound Number Platform. This allows you to manage everything you could possibly need to, when it comes to inbound call handling. This includes features from call queuing to call recording and from call whispers to virtual switchboards.

Find out more about the call handling features of our Inbound Number Platform.

Call handling features of DuoCall's inbound number platform

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