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Inbound number platform

The call-handling features of our Inbound Number Platform

Our Inbound Number Platform simplifies management of your business' incoming calls. With a wide range of call-handling features (from conference calls to missed call alerts), you can be sure that our platform will do exactly what you need it to!

Whether you're looking for a simple solution for a small business, something to make remote working more possible or a complex call centre solution, our platform will make your call handling more simple than ever before.

'Special' days

Pre-schedule call routing plans for specific dates. This is especially useful during holidays (eg. Christmas and Easter).

  • If you have regular meetings, then special days will help redirect calls
  • Automatically pre-schedule call handling for specific dates
  • Special days runs consistently after it is established
  • Don't let your business miss a single call

Disaster recovery

With call diverts, missed call alerts and a high-level disaster recovery, there's no way you'll miss a customer's enquiry!

  • Ensure that your number is always available
  • Enable call diverts
  • Automaticaly switch to a secondary calling route when unavailable

Record incoming calls

Record, store, view and replay all of your business' incoming calls with the assistance of our portal.

  • Monitor calls
  • Share recordings with colleagues
  • No need to take notes!
  • Have the ability to start and stop recording during an incoming call
  • View the last 30 days worth of recordings

Audio Announcement

Promote your latest business campaign, promotional offer, event, or even your website via an audio announcement.

  • Record your own greeting for your phone number and apply it via our portal
  • Recorded information lines provide your businees with a more approachable personality
  • Customise and change audio announcements as you please
  • When used with an 0844 number, you could receive up to 2p per minute of call revenue

Call whisper

Be notified about the nature of the call you are receiving before you pick up.

  • Adapt to the nature of the call before you even hear the customer
  • Distinguish between personal and business calls
  • If you operate more than one business, whisper allows you to distinguish their incoming calls before you pick up
  • Audio whisper allows you to accept or reject an incoming call

Call diversion

Acheive business continuity by having the oppurtunity to divert your inbound calls. Instantly switch to another number, mobile, message answering service or another office.

  • Don't miss a single inbound call even in unforseen circumstances
  • Instantly reroute all numbers
  • If your lines go down, diversion allows a full backup
  • Quickly and efficiently advise your callers of an emergancy

Conference call

Communicate with customers, suppliers or staff efficiently with our conference call feature.

Virtual switchboard

If your business is seperated into seperate locations (eg. different offices), customers will be able to choose the department they need with no hassle.

Missed call alerts

Never miss another business oppurtunity! Be notified of every single missed call.

Ratio/simultaneous targets

Distribute call volumes across all of the target numbers. Inbound calls can be targeted to ring up to 7 numbers simultaneously.

Set up call queuing

Queue your callers and avoid engaged calls. Make more sales and follow up more business oppurtunities with call queuing.

Intro message

Upload a professional intro message or record your own for customers to hear when they call your business.

Call queuing

  • Installation and maintenance of in-house equipment is unnecessary
  • Pre-record welcome messages and upload them to provide good quality customer support
  • Queued callers are effortlessly put through to the next available target number instantaneously
  • Apology messages encourage your callers to carry on waiting on the line
  • Set a custom number of customers allowed in a queue at any one time
  • Customise your hold music
  • Promote your website or current business campaigns to customers on hold via recorded messages
  • Choose whether callers in the queue are told their position in the queue
  • Set specific time intervals between pre-recorded messages
  • Manage your call queue via our portal

Virtual switchboard

  • Allow your customers to have control over who they need to talk to
  • Save time by not having to transfer calls
  • Stay professional and Improve customer service and staff productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Avoid upsetting customers with engaged phone lines
  • Be flexible
  • Change audio announcements whenever you need to
  • Can replace expensive in-house PBX phone systems

Missed call alerts

  • Receive automatic emails whenever a call is missed or the caller receives an engaged tone
  • Be notified of the caller's number
  • Up to 3 different email adresses can receive notifications of missed calls
  • Manage who receives missed call alerts via our portal
  • Access missed call alerts with any device including iPhones and Android smartphones
  • If you don't require missed call alerts, have the ability to turn them off

Conference calls

  • Customise the conference call feature to best suit your business
  • 24/7 availability
  • Conferenece call couldn't be easier to use
  • Tailor your conference call to your specific brand
  • Hold multiple conferences or with multiple callers simultaneously via the same number
  • Easily manage conference call via our portal
  • Record meetings to reduce the need for note-taking and minute-taking
  • Have dedicated chairperson passcodes
  • Itemise all of your call reports

Ratio and simultaneous targets

  • Choose up to 10 different target numbers
  • Give targets different 'weightings'. A target with a higher weighting will receive more calls.
  • Ratio targets and simultaneous targets are extremely useful for business with homeworkers
  • If your business has analouge lines with no hunt groups, simultaneous targets is a good option
  • Answer calls more quickly and provide better customer service

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