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Ethernet First Mile is the logical step-up from ADSL broadband.


EFM is the perfect business internet connection for those who require dedicated, fixed bandwidth that's completely reliable and secure.

And at a fraction of the price of Fibre Ethernet (leased lines), it's a great step up for businesses who are currently using a broadband connection.

Here's how Ethernet First Mile works:

DuoCall's EFM - Business internet connections across Sheffield, Rotherham and the UK.

EFM is built on a proven, robust network structure that uses multiple copper pairs to deliver a high capacity Ethernet service. As such it's an ideal upgrade from ADSL (standard broadband).

Ethernet First Mile is a superior technology that's delivered using less copper pairs than what our competitors use, without compromising on speed. In fact, we can provide symmetrical speeds of 10Mbps over two copper pairs and 20Mbps on four copper pairs.

Market-leading network reach means you can enjoy EFM no matter where you are, and with simple, realistic pricing, you’re in safe hands.

Why Ethernet First Mile (EFM) for your business internet connection? The benefits:

Cost-effective and flexible

EFM allows you to use as much available bandwidth without any extra charges. What’s more, we provide more capacity for less pairs of higher quality, when compared to our competitors. EFM is an ideal halfway solution between broadband and leased lines.


We’ll deliver EFM over two or four copper pairs. Four pairs gives you a more resilient option on the first mile to assure you of business continuity in the unlikely event of a disaster - should one pair fail, service will continue on the other pair until the fault is resolved.

7-hour fix SLA

If something were to go wrong with your EFM business internet connection, you can rest assured that we'll have you up and running again in no time, with our seven hour service level promise.

Painless upgrade

EFM gives you a more up-to-date access method and is an ideal replacement for ADSL broadband, to deliver a solution that's more resilient and compatible with future technologies. And why not harness EFM for other networking solutions, such as IPVPN?

Extensive coverage

With a UK coverage of 1,900+ exchanges capable of EFM, we’re confident we can connect sites in the same area (as well as remote sites across the UK) where other providers can’t. With EFM, the closer you are to the exchange, the faster your internet will be.


Like with other Ethernet business internet connections, you'll benefit from having the same upload and download speeds with EFM. So you can make the most out of business-specific cloud software (e.g. DuoBackUp) and hosted solutions, like VoIP and HUC.

Ethernet First Mile is ideal for:

  • Businesses who need a private internet connection
  • Companies with more than 15 employees
  • Those who need a dependent business internet connection
  • Organisations who need unlimited internet
  • Businesses located in a rural area

Which connection is right for your business?

We know there's quite a lot of choice out there when it comes to business internet; leased lines, broadband, FTTC and so on! If you're not sure what sort of internet connection type is right for your business, download our simple and free guide, which explains what it all means.

Our simple guide to business internet
Business Internet Guide (PDF, 3.88 MB)

DuoCall's simple guide to business internet will help you understand the differences between all the different connectivity options available to your business.

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