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Harnessing the true power of wireless Ethernet.

Wireless Ethernet

We provide the latest in high-speed wireless Ethernet, for businesses who need secure and dedicated internet without having to install time-consuming and expensive lines.

Wireless Ethernet is the latest addition to the long line-up of business internet connectivity options. Unlike traditional leased lines it's independent of any phone lines or exchanges, so you can guarantee you'll be connected, regardless of any faults, problems or downtime with BT's Openreach infrastructure.

Why wireless Ethernet for your business internet connection? The benefits:

Quick install times

Because it doesn't involve any copper wires or fibre like most internet connections, the installation is much quicker. In fact, installation takes a few days and all it involves is installing a transceiver on your site. Simple.

Low cost installation

Unlike fibre connections it's easy to install and because it doesn't rely on the quality of existing lines there's no nasty surprises. You won't get charged extra based on your location too, because local cabinets and exchanges are irrelevant.

Scalable and flexible

If you find your businesses needs more speed, it can be easily increased. And if your business ever decides to move premises, relocation of the wireless transceivers is often free of charge.

Fully symmetrical

Wireless Ethernet is fully symmetrical, meaning your business can download and upload files at the same speed. It's also available at speeds of up to 1Gbps.


Like all Ethernet business internet connections, wireless Ethernet is fully secured and encrypted using the latest technologies.

99.9% SLA

It's unlikely that anything will go wrong with a wireless Ethernet connection, but if it does you know we'll get you connected again within 4 hours.

Unlike fixed leased lines, wireless Ethernet connections are less readily available across the UK.

Get in touch with us to find out if your business can take advantage of Wireless Ethernet.

Which connection is right for your business?

We know there's quite a lot of choice out there when it comes to business internet; leased lines, broadband, FTTC and so on! If you're not sure what sort of internet connection type is right for your business, download our simple and free guide, which explains what it all means.

Download our simple guide to business internet
Business Internet Guide (PDF, 3.88 MB)

DuoCall's simple guide to business internet will help you understand the differences between all the different connectivity options available to your business.

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