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Protect your business' devices against unwanted mishaps.

Business mobile insurance

Insure your business mobiles for as little as £3.99 per month.

Today's mobile equipment is becoming more and more expensive, so protecting your devices couldn’t be more important. Businesses often get stuck paying the same amount for insurance as everyday users of their mobile phones, however, this can be very expensive. But what if insuring your business handsets didn’t have to be extortionate?

DuoCall have teamed up with Supercover, a leading specialist in gadget insurance, to create a great value service for protecting your business devices. The service covers smartphones, tablets and laptops, with policies covering items up to £1,000 in value.

What does Supercover insurance cover?

Damaging, losing or getting your expensive device stolen can be a huge inconvenience, especially if you rely on it for business use. Thankfully all these things are covered by Supercover's insurance policies!



Includes unattended theft from secure vehicles or premises

Accidental loss

Accidental loss

Covered for lost mobile phones and tablets (including iPads)

Accidental damage

Accidental damage

Includes any water or other liquid damage

DuoCall's Business Mobiles

Why choose Supercover insurance?

Have the knowledge that your business' mobile devices will be replaced by the exact same make and model within 48 hours if your device has been accidentally lost, damaged or stolen. Furthermore every policy is entitled to unlimited claims, meaning that you needn’t worry about how many times your covered device needs replacing.

If you're worried about not having your devices covered whilst you're abroad, then Supercover Insurance is definitely a requirement. At great value prices and worldwide international cover, you no longer need to be anxious about losing or damaging your brand-new business smartphone, tablet or laptop. 

Extended warranty

Extended warranty

Enjoy our prolonged warranty!

Unlimited claims

Unlimited claims

Claim over and over again and your policy will never run out!

Worldwide cover

Worldwide cover

Up to 90 days of international cover, so you're protected wherever you are!

What do we offer?

We have a range of insurance policies depending on the value of the device you need to protect. In addition to the policies listed below, we offer discounts for businesses needing to protect multiple handsets.

Economy policy

  • £150 cover limit (including VAT)
  • £3.99 per handset per month
  • Any single item £150 RRP replacement

Standard policy

  • £400 cover limit (including VAT)
  • £5.99 per handset per month
  • Any single item £400 RRP replacement

Executive policy

  • £1000 cover limit (including VAT)
  • £7.99 per handset per month
  • Any single item £1000 RRP replacement

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