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A data sharing tariff for connecting up to 1000 different devices.

DuoSHARE data tariff

Sharing data across your devices? It's easy with DuoSHARE - our data-only sharing tariff.

If you’re using devices that need a data-only connection, DuoSHARE is perfect for you. There’s no other tariff quite like this on the market!

With DuoSHARE you can share between 20GB and 1TB of data, from a single lead mobile handset to up to 1000 different devices. What’s more, it’s cost-effective and pricing is completely simple and transparent too. And because your data is aggregated across your devices, you'll reduce bill shock.

What sort of devices is our shared data tariff perfect for?

  • iPads and tablets
  • Point of sale/chip and pin technology
  • 4G dongles or Mi-Fi devices
  • Fixed devices needing wireless connectivity
Shared data tariffs - perfect for businesses with data-only devices like iPads.

How will this work for your business?

DuoSHARE is a unique data sharing tariff. It works by giving you a lead mobile handset (like with a normal phone contract), which shares up to 1TB (that's over 1000GB) of data across up to 1000 different devices.

This tariff has been built specifically for devices that need data-only connectivity, so you're getting a cost-effective solution and you're not paying for minutes and texts that you'll never actually use.

Examples of how DuoSHARE is being used by businesses across the UK...



DuoSHARE is widely used in the logistics industry - e.g. in the wireless devices like tablets and PDAs used by delivery drivers.

Remote working

Remote working

Perfect for use in remote workers' wireless devices like iPads, where fixed line connectivity is limited, unreliable, expensive or slow.

ADSL alternative

ADSL alternative

DuoSHARE provides cost-effective and reliable internet connectivity as an alternative to fixed line solutions like ADSL broadband.

What data do you need? What devices do you have?

When you come to us with your requirements we'll work to tailor a tariff to your needs. This includes finding out how many lead handsets you'll need and the data requirements of your different devices. And if you're already using devices that need data-only connectivity, we're sure we'll be able to save your business money with DuoSHARE.

DuoSHARE can be provisioned on a wide range of options. So whether your business has less than 10 devices needing huge amounts of data, or if you've got 1000 devices that need only a few MB each, DuoSHARE is perfect for you.

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