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Connecting or transferring business phone lines; it's as easy as 123.

Phone lines

If your business needs to connect new phone lines or moving existing ones, it's no problem!

Tell us what you need and our experienced provisioning and technical teams will manage it all from start to finish.

Whether you need a basic analogue phone line for your business, an ISDN solution or SIP trunking (the modern alternative), we offer competitive rates and stress-free management across Sheffield and up and down the UK.

We supply businesses and organisations of all sizes across different industries, so there's a really good chance we already know which phone line solution is best for your company! We work closely will all our customers to make sure you get a phone line solution that actually works for you.

What lines does your business need?

SIP trunking solutions

SIP trunking solutions

Cost-effective future tech for voices calls over an IP connection; a modern alternative to ISDN.

  • SIP saves up to 50% in line rental costs

  • It's fully future-proof

  • Has a built-in disaster plan

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ISDN phone lines

ISDN phone lines

Whether you need ISDN2e or ISDN30e, DuoCall both migrate or install:

  • From 2 channels

  • With unlimited DDIs

  • At competitive monthly line rentals

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Analogue phone lines

Analogue phone lines

Perfect for home offices, broadband or fax where the need for multiple calls is minimal. Analogue lines are:

  • An affordable solution

  • Ideal for home and small office

  • Competitive as a monthly line rental

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Benefits of using DuoCall's business phone lines

As well as being able to pick up the phone and get through to our customer support team within 10 seconds (every time you call), our phone lines are packed-full of useful added features and benefits...

1. Never miss a call

We know of ways to make sure you never miss another call, from setting up personalised voicemail services, diverting your calls to a mobile or another landline when you’re busy or out of the office, or setting up call queuing software. We'll help you minimise potential loss of business.

2. Online billing manager

With full visibility of the calls you make, we keep it simple for you to track your charges and alert you to high spends. If you want to be made aware of specific calls you make (international, premium rate, out of hours etc), we’ll email you every morning with a list of calls that match your criteria.

3. Call performance

Every month we send you statistics on how well you’re managing incoming calls. If people are waiting too long to be answered or if calls are being dropped, the reports let you know. And our support team is always on hand to give you advice on how best to manage incoming calls.

4. Prioritised support

We offer enhanced care as standard on all our business lines, and a number of heightened support levels to make sure that if you ever have a critical problem, we're here for you. And if the problem is serious, our engineers can be with you straight away to implement a fix within six working hours.

5. Always protected

We automatically and continuously check your lines for fraudulent activity to make sure you’re always protected from hackers and misuse. If we see suspicious activity, we’ll place a bar on your phones lines and get in touch with you straight away to check everything is alright.

6. Proactive reviews

There's no need for you to keep track of your contract end dates and trawl the internet for the best solutions. We’ll continuously manage your account to make sure that you're happy and getting the most out of your service. Our account managers always keep in regular contact with you.


DuoCall have been our saviour of the last 18 months, having monitored our full communications infrastructure initially and now put in place the best tariffs for both our mobiles and landlines. One point of contact has really helped us and has given us peace of mind.

Andy Cardell | Airblast Eurospray, UK


I am always impressed by the quality of knowledge that DuoCall staff possess. I deal mainly with Trudy and Louise and they never make me feel like a nuisance. Quieries are always dealt with promptly and efficiently, I just wish all our suppliers were as well trained at their jobs. A pleasure to do business with.

Leanne Race | Broadsword, UK


One person to speak to for everything. No “you need to speak to our ISP let me give you their number”, no “you need to speak to Fred I will get him to call you”, no hours repeatedly explaining the same thing to numerous people who truly don’t care and then manage to cut you off! DuoCall promised that personal service and that is how it has been throughout.

Barry Doherty | Envirometal Technologies, UK


DuoCall have monitored our full communication range and given us an excellent service in maintaining all our telecoms, and negotiating the best tariffs for our needs. We have no hesitation in recommending DuoCall as a supplier.

Barry Martindale | Autoclenz LTD, Derbyshire

Our additional phone line services

When it comes to communications it's always important to consider continuity; how would your business cope if you had a fault on your main line? Would a customer callback if they tried to contact you and got an engaged tone or no answer?

Chances are the answers would be no. That's where our additional phone line services help to get rid of these worries, with care levels, inbound reports and e-alerts.



  • Set call charge limits and we'll email you auto alerts
  • Protection from unexpected high usage/bill shock
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