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Analogue phone lines are perfect for small businesses and home workers.

Analogue phone lines

Typically, analogue lines are used for domestic applications, but they're still widely used by small businesses who don't have a great need for all the features of digital lines.

We understand that not all businesses need a top-of-the-range phone line and phone system, and for those businesses DuoCall’s analogue phone lines are the perfect option! 

So what are analogue telephone lines?

Analogue lines are often referred to as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines. They provide a single (analogue) communications circuit between the telephone exchange and your office. Analogue lines are predominantly used for single telephones (where the need for systems is minimal i.e. home offices) as well as PDQ payment equipment (card machines), fax machines or DSL modems for basic broadband use.

Analogue phone lines are built on standard copper wire and can provide your small business with the same functionalities that you will find at home. Because of this, these phone lines are the perfect option for home offices, small retail premises and restaurants for example.

And by taking advantage of several analogue phone lines (multi-analogue) you can have more than one incoming and outgoing call on your phone number, to make sure you’re not missing important calls from customers.

What are the benefits of using analogue lines?

If you want simplicity with your telecommunication system, analogue lines are the option for you. All you need to do is plug in a basic phone handset and you’re good to go! And with the increase in popularity of remote working and working from home, analogue lines still have a very important role to play in the digital world.

Great for small businesses

Great for small businesses

Analogue phone lines are perfect for businesses who need less than 4 lines, for home workers and for those who don't need DDIs (direct dial phone numbers).

No oversubscription

No oversubscription

Your business only pays for what it needs with analogue phone lines. And if you ever need another line you can easily upgrade to a multi-analogue phone line.

Extra call features

Extra call features

Analogue lines can be provisioned with extra useful phone features such as caller ID, call divert, hold, mute, redial and call transfer (between extensions).

Analogue lines are feature-rich and flexible

The advantage of having analogue telephone lines is that you have access to functions such as caller ID, call waiting, call divert, hold, mute, redial, speed dial and call transfer (between extensions). All these services can be provisioned on an analogue telephone line.

DuoCall analogue phone lines - POTS

No oversubscription

Analogue lines are only a single phone line, which means they can only accept one call at a time. This is great for communication devices such as fax machines that can only accept single calls. If you need the option to take more than one incoming call you can easily upgrade to a multi-analogue line. 

DuoCall analogue phone lines - POTS

Connect conventional analogue devices to cloud-based telephone systems

You can connect conventional analogue devices to modern cloud-based telephone systems. Cloud-based systems use the internet and they work by transmitting voice data (calls) using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). In order to connect analogue devices to a cloud-based system, there are adapters available to convert the analogue signals into VoIP signals.

Analogue phone lines for businesses across Sheffield, Rotherham and the UK

Analogue line pricing

If you're looking for analogue phone lines get in touch and we'll be happy to help. Our analogue line pricing and call costs are extremely competitive and all our lines come with our top-quality business support as standard.

Looking for business phone lines? Get in touch.

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