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An easy-to-use hosted phone system that grows with your business.

Hosted phone system

Say hello to HUC - our advanced hosted phone system (hosted PBX).

HUC (hosted unified communications) is a scalable, versatile, flexible, feature-rich and cost-effective way for your business to communicate, that's perfectly suited to the digital world. What's more, it's all for a simplified per-user cost each month. And with one of our call bundles you can get free calls to all local, national and mobile numbers (01, 02, 03 and 07)! 

And why is it the last phone system you'll ever need to invest in?

Because it's a hosted telephony system (cloud-based)! That means the equipment and infrastructure is based in our central data centre, so you don't have to worry about any capital expenditure, engineering charges or costly regular updates; it's all done for you.

So when you need to add extra users, extra bolt-on features or extra handsets, you can just add it onto your existing setup. It's that easy!

The benefits of our hosted telephony solution...

HUC gives you everything you'd find with a traditional onsite telephony system, but with extra advanced features that allow your communications to operate at an entirely new level. We supply hosted phone systems to small and medium businesses (SMEs), organisations and enterprises, and we provide our top quality support across Sheffield, Oxford and the UK.

It's infinitely scalable

It's infinitely scalable

Because it's a hosted system it's basically a cloud-based PBX, so it's easy to scale up users, handsets or features when you need to. It's the last phone system you'll need to invest in!

Use it across locations

Use it across locations

Our hosted phone system lets you connect staff across different geographic sites, on the move and even at home. What's more, all internal calls with HUC are completely free with one of our call bundles!

Get flexible calling

Get flexible calling

Never miss another call with HUC's advanced features. And thanks to HUC's mobile twinning you can transfer a current call to your mobile; take it wherever you need to go!

DuoCall's special hosted phone system offer for business

There's no CAPEX

Because it's a hosted PBX, there's very little upfront capital expenditure - this is because there's minimal equipment and on-site infrastructure to invest.

All training provided

We provide your business with all the training you need, to make sure you're making the most of all the great features of your hosted phone system handsets.

No engineering costs

All maintenance is automatically taken care of and there's no charges passed onto your business. The same goes for updates, so your phone system is always up-to-date.

HUC is a secure and fully-managed telephony solution that adapts to the changing needs of your business in the digital world. It's full of really great features, offering the best in unified communications. Hosted unified comms allows staff to communicate and collaborate with ease.

Until now, business-grade phone systems and their benefits have only been available to bigger companies (because of upfront capital expenditure). But thanks to HUC, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the technology on offer for nothing more than one simple cost per-user-per-month. Whether our customers have just one HUC seat (HUC handset) or over 400, our Hosted UC has them covered. It really is a one-size-fits-all telephony solution!

Features of our hosted phone system (HUC):

Online portals, disaster recovery solutions, feature-rich Mitel handsets, simple monthly costs and free calls all make HUC a great phone system proposition for any business...

We're an authorised Mitel partner for hosted business phone systems

We're pleased to be registered as a Mitel partner (global unified communications leader) to provide this cutting-edge technology that grows with your business. When you choose a hosted telephony solution like HUC for your business, collaboration becomes much easier and you're sure to see improvements in staff productivity. We don't just provide Mitel handsets though, we can also offer certain Yeaklink DECT handsets that our compatible with our HUC phone systems.

Without the need for upgrades or additional technology, adding new features and functionality is easy with HUC; you’re always up to date! And with our full quality of service (QoS) guarantee every single one of your calls will be crystal clear.

What's more, our robust and fully-managed Next Generation Network delivers hosted services securely with built-in protection. And thanks to our hosted phone system's self-service ePortal changes are quick and simple, with no need to rely on any third-party service level agreements (SLAs).

What are hosted phone systems?

Hosted phone systems like HUC are still relatively new on the market. So what are they and why does your business need to know about them? Thankfully our in-house technical team have put together a simple blog that explains what you need to know about these cloud-based phone systems...

Why choose DuoCall for your business' hosted phone system?
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Download DuoCall's simple guide to hosted phone systems.
Our simple guide to Hosted Unified Communications. (PDF, 4.88 MB)

Our short but comprehensive guide will tell you all you need to know about hosted communications and how it can benefit your business.

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