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A hosted phone system you're actually in charge of.

HUC ePortal

Our self-service online ePortal makes managing your HUC hosted phone system easy.

You've got complete self-control! All the changes you need to make can be done instantly, without needing to wait for a third-party to help. When you've decided to use Hosted Unified Communications we'll give you a login and a password, then all you need is access to the internet and a web browser, and you're good to go.

The ePortal gives you access to certain HUC-specific features and also gives you instructions on how to transfer calls or set up conference calls. It's in the ePortal where you can set up and take advantage of mobile twinning too - just enter the mobile number that you want each phone extension (DDI) to be associated with, and you'll be able to transfer calls to and from your personal or company mobile to your desktop phone or office handset.

Voicemail access

Voicemail access

Change your voicemail passcode and forward to email addresses through the portal.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding

Forwarding allows your desk phone to automatically forward calls to another number.

Speed dial

Speed dial

Configure the speed dial keys on your Mitel phone to keep key contacts at the touch of a button.

Reroute calls at the touch of a button.

It really couldn't be easier to do. You'll get three choices for call rerouting...

  1. Choose where you want to reroute calls during the day (this could be your office opening hours).
  2. Decide what to do with calls that come in during the night (perhaps when your main office is closed)
  3. Set the default rules for where calls are rerouted to when all other office phones are busy or when there's no answer after a given time.
Easily reroute calls with DuoCall's HUC ePortal

Assign your favourite contacts to your phone's screen.

Depending on the type of Mitel handset you're using for HUC, you can make sure that your most important contacts are right in front of you at all times. Programme between 8 and 48 keys with your most contacted colleagues, all from the simple ePortal menu.

Find out more about our Mitel IP phones >>

Manage your phone's customisable keys

Full self-control over your own voicemail.

Users can choose exactly how they want their voicemail to work. The ePortal lets you change everything including voicemail passcodes, email forwarding (to automatically email attachments as .wav files) and other mailbox rules.

Pick up all your voicemail messages from HUC ePortal

And much more!

These are just some of the useful features of our HUC ePortal. You can also set up auto-attendants, call groups and much more. To find out more about our hosted phone system HUC or about the ePortal, get in touch with one of our team.

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