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Don't let bad weather and power cuts cost you money (and time).

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)

It's that time of the year again. And time to make sure your phone systems and IT servers are protected...

It's no surprise that there are more power cuts in the British winter than any other time of year. But what is surprising is how few businesses protect their important IT and telecommunications infrastructures against any unforeseen problems.

But power issues don't just happen in winter; they can happen any and every day of the year, at any time of the day. If you're not properly protected you can lose important data and compromise the integrity of your hardware.

What's affected?

  • On-site phone systems
  • Personal computers
  • IT networks and servers
  • Any sensitive electrical equipment

What do I need to protect against?

Especially throughout Winter, there's an increased threat of the following; all of which have an effect on your business' power supply.

  • Fallen trees
  • Lightning strikes and fires
  • Increased rainfall and flooding
  • Road traffic accidents and downed power lines

How do these affect my power?

Power spikes

Power spikes

Spikes are very large increases in voltage, lasting milliseconds. This is caused by downed power lines or lightning storms.

Result? Data corruption and electrical component malfunction. Can cause phone system malfunction too.

Power surges

Power surges

Surges result from short-term voltage increases, often caused by neighbouring properties when large electrical devices are turned on/off.

Result? Damage and failure of delicate electronic components. Can cause phone system short-circuiting.



Blackouts (power cuts) are a loss of mains power for an extended period of time. This can be because of bad weather, lightning or road accidents.

Result? Losing all current work and loss of entire hard drive contents. Phone systems can be completely destroyed too.

How do I protect my equipment?

It's much easier than you think. All you need is a UPS (an uninterrupted power suply). These simple plug-in devices are effectively car batteries that connect to important equipment like your phone system or servers. Then when there's any kind of fault with the incoming power, the UPS recognises this and 'kicks-in' straight away.

For power surges and spikes: The UPS regulates the quality of the power supplied to your electricals, to prevent any harm or loss of data.

For total power loss (blackouts): The UPS uses stored power to supply everything that's plugged into it, to keep things switched on. The amount of time you've then got depends on the UPS device you choose, but if the power hasn't come back on within that time you can shut down your equipment in a controlled way, preventing any damage or loss of data.

A selection of UPS devices:

There's a UPS to suit all businesses, whether you're a small home office or a large enterprise.

APC SC420I Smart-UPS

APC SC420I Smart-UPS

APC SMC1000I Smart-UPS

APC SMC1000I Smart-UPS

APC SMC1500I Smart-UPS

APC SMC1500I Smart-UPS

We supply all makes and models of APC uninterrupted power supplies.

Talk to us for more information about which UPS your business would need.

Make sure your business phone system and IT are protected this winter.

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